February 22 10AM - February 23 10AM

Castle of Chaos 1134 Riverdale Rd Riverdale UT

Come and spend a day of Questing, Battlegaming, fighting, socializing, and feasting inside a massive haunted house! 

The day will start at 10am with warm-up ditching and socializing. There will also be an A&S class(es) in the morning as well for those interested (TBA). Starting in the afternoon, you will take your 6 man team (5 players and 1 reeve) and select quests to complete (each worth various different points). Quests will be anything from being a band of Goblin collecting 'shinies' to a group hired to protect a transport to a group of highway robbers. Some quests will simply be to collect items. Players are encouraged to form teams prior to the event -- in particular, having a dedicated Reeve for your team (or you can just have a 6th person and rotate who reeves on each quest).

In the evening there will be The River's End Feast for Coronation, followed by Court. The Kingdom of the Desert Winds will also be holding court and giving out awards. The Knighting of Sir Fitz Caliston will also be taking place (Crown Knight).

Following court and socializing, ditching will resume for a bit, followed by battlegames going into the night. There is space at this location for people to 'camp out' and sleep (you need to provide your own sleeping bag/cot/air mattress/etc. We have the place until 10am Sunday morning.

There will be a $7.50 cost per person to off-set the costs of the location, feast, etc. Any excess will be donated to the Kingdom to help boost their coffers. Come out, and have fun!

You can also pay at the door. Cash, paypal, debit cards and major credit cards accepted.

Special Note: Bows and Crossbows will not be allowed due to safety reasons (bounce back from arrows in such a small space is extremely dangerous. As such, bow users can substitute Single Shot (meaning you need to cock in between shots) nerf guns. The event will have the bullet style Nerf ammo at the event.

Additional information: Current V8 rules will be used for this event.